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At the Law Office of Sahar Aziz, we strive to provide our clients with zealous and competent representation.  Attention to detail, responsiveness, and a focus on client satisfaction define our firm's approach to practicing law.  In each of our cases, we put our clients' best interests first to provide high quality legal services.  Through our advocacy and demonstrated commitment to civil rights, we focus on protecting individual rights and the rule of law.

Our firm serves individuals seeking legal services in connection with immigration, employment, and civil rights matters.  We also assist nonprofit organizations on various legal matters including registration for tax exempt status, developing and implementing good governance policies and practices, compliance with state and local laws, representation in matters before government agencies, and developing effective civil rights advocacy strategies. 

In addition to these services, our lawyers have an expertise in handling discrimination issues that disparately impact Arab, South Asian, and Muslim communities in the United States.  Such issues include racial and religious profiling, religious accommodation in the work place, backlogs in processing of citizenship applications, misidentifications on traveler watch lists, and government infringements on religious freedoms.  Our attorneys have trained EEOC staff on religious accommodation law in connection with Muslim employees; represented nonprofits before federal agencies in connection with allegations of systemic civil rights violations; presented and published papers about post-9/11 discrimination, and represented Tattoo Machines an Afghan female civil rights activist in securing asylum.

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